A sound level meter is used for acoustic horn!.

Is a set of test equipment to measure the noise level, it is very necessary especially for industrial environments, for example in the aviation industry where the surrounding environment must be tested for sound noise level or the resulting sound pressure to determine its effect on the surrounding environment.

Sound Level Meter currently has international standardization with EC 61672: 2003 standard. There are several factors that influence the measurement using sound level meters, this makes the measured sound waves may not be the same as the actual sound wave intensity.

Integrating Sound Level

Datalogger Sound Level


Complies with IEC 61672-1 class 2 standard, Measures Leq, MaxL, MinL, SPL, 64,000 Records Data Logger, PC interface, With Windows Software, AC / DC Signal Output, Back-lit display.
Complies with IEC 61672-1 class 2 standard, 32,000 Records Data Logger, Manual Reading Recording Memory(99 points), LCD Recording Readout(99 Memory Recording), PC interface, With Windows Software, AC / DC Signal Output, Resolution 0.1dB.
CPC Software To Synchronize Sound And SPL Data For Analysis, Micro SDHC For Sound Recording Up To 32G, Comply With IEC 61672-1 Class 2 Standard, 128,000 Records Datalogger (Internal), Real Time Clock With Calendar, Sound Recording Function, AC/DC Signal Output, USB Interface.
Complies with IEC 61672-1 class 2 standard, 64.000 Records Data Logger, 60dB Dynamic Space In Each Range, Real Time Clock With Calendar, Time Weighting Fast/Slow, Frequency Weighting A/C, Max/Min Function, USB interface, With Windows Software.
Complies with IEC 651 TYPE II, 32,000 Records Datalogger, PC Interface, Bargraph Indication, Max/Min Function, Auto Ranging (30~130dB), Resolution 0.1dB, Clock Display, Level Range Display.


Technical data

No Description Model Spesification
1 Level Range C-392/390/324/323/322 30∼130dB
2 Accuracy C-392/390/324/323 ±1.4dB (ref. 94dB@1KHz) / ±1.0dB (C-324)
3 Frequency Weighting C-392/390/324/323/322 A / C
4 Time Weighting C-392/390/323/322 Fast, Slow
5 Frequency Range C-392/390/323 - (324/322) 20Hz to 8KHz - (31.5Hz to 8KHz)
6 Microphone C-392/390/323/322 ½ inch Electret condenser microphone
7 Auxiliary Outputs C-392/390/324/323/322 AC/DC Output
8 Battery C-392/390/324/323/322 1.5V AA size battery x 4
9 Dimensions C-392/390 - (323) - (322) 272 x 83 x 42 - (264 x 63 x 29) - (275 x 64 x 30) mm
10 Weight C-392/390 / (323) / (322) / (324) Approx 390g / (245) / (280) (305)