Speedometer are available in TEST LANE or STAND-ALONE version.

All models of speedometer are robust build, in order to verify the accuracy of speedometer and odometer of vehicles, fitted with a fast pneumatic lifting system which could facilitate to drive out the vehicles. KCS has a range of Speedometer Testers from 3000 kg, 10000 kg up to 15000 kg, developed for intensive and heavy use in Automobile Test Stations. All models consist of 4 special coated rollers of which 2 rollers are connected by a propeller-shaft on which the electronic pulse counter is fitted. The signals are sent to the Speedometer controller.


  • Mechanics in compact flat design, hard metal, suitable for outdoor installation
  • High adhesion coating paint for longer working life
  • Air-lifter and roller brake system easies the exit of vehicles
  • 0-130km/h measurement range, wireless remote controller
  • 4 safety wheels in rollers speed
  • LED indicator display
  • To be connected to an external PC which allow to integreated C-NET (Cosber Network)
  • Single control or automatic control
  • Standard RS-232 connection port


Speedometer, for car's, Light car's, Heavyduty and Road Simulator at the same time


Technical Data

No Desciption KCS-10 KCS-15
1 Max. Axle Load 10000kg 15000kg
2 Measurment Range 0 – 130 km/h 0 – 130 km/h
3 Roller Dimensions Ø 190 x 1100mm Ø 190 x 1100mm
4 Roller Tread 405mm 405mm
5 Roller Width 750-2950 mm 750-2950 mm
6 Air Supply 0.7 – 0.8 MPa 0.7 – 0.8 MPa
7 Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz, ground AC 220V, 50Hz, ground