Axle Load Meter is to measure the wheel load of a vehicle.

KLZ Series Vehicle Wheel Load Tester is to measure the wheel load of a vehicle, the measured weighing value is an important factor for calculation of the brake efficiency. Axle Load Meter are designed for occasions that requirs less precision of accuracy, such as logistics, overrun detection, earthwork weighing, featuring small covering area. It can be used both under static state and dynamic state. The digital electronic truck scale and electronic weighbridge are self-developed products of our company with high quality, and has passed ISO:9001 quality authentication. Each bench has 4 weighing sensors, space limitation units prevent testing plates moving when vehicle passes tester, therefore the weighing force follows the vertical direction to sensors. When the vehicle is parking on the tester, the weight cell will averagely and vertically pass the axle weight to the sensor (load-cell).


  • Good steel strength, nice appearance and advanced structure
  • High-precised sensors
  • Self-developed micro-controller to collect and analyze data, high precised system, good ability for anti-interference
  • Including mini-printer
  • Quick drive-through testing mode
  • Anti-slanting weighting design
  • Accurate and stable measure
  • Extra-stronge structure body
  • To be connected to an external PC which allow to integreated C-NET (Cosber Network)
  • Wheel load and total axle load data display
  • Standard RS-232 signal connection


Inpsection, Logistick, Over weight, featuring small covering area


Technical Data

No Desciption KLZ-10 KLZ-15
1 Max. Axle Load up to 13000kg up to 18000kg
2 Max. Wheel Load 6500kg 9000kg
3 Max. Wheel Tread 2600mm 2800mm
4 Plate dimensions 1100 x 600mm 1200 x 800mm
5 Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz, ground AC 220V, 50Hz, ground