A new technology is required for inspection the vehicle dimension.

KWK-20 is Experiencing years of high developing transtrportation business, a new technology is required for inspection the vehicle dimension, in case of illegal modification, over-sized vehicle. etc. Therefore, based on state of laser technology and 3D-cloud data processing capacity, COSBER develops 3D laser scanning system to measure the dimension data for all types of vehicle. .


  • For automatically measurement of vehicle dimension, including length, height, width and axle distance, without manual intervention
  • Specialisted caser sensor, high pixel, high rate feedback, laser durable design
  • System automatic core-algorithm,high reproduction, the latest accuracy is 0.2%-0.5%
  • System high resolution, high communication, complete quick and high accurate measure
  • Wide working temperature design, stable performance under -30°C
  • Integrated electric design, free of maintenance, quick installation and commissioning
  • High efficient sensor, vehicle non-stop passing test way, no manual intervention during measurement
  • Unique 3D model picture output


Inpsection, Logistick, Over weight, featuring small covering area


Technical Data

No Desciption C-VDSS-1 C-VDSS-2
1 Test Mode Non contact dynamic Non contact static
2 Length Test Range 1∼20 meters 1∼25 meters
3 Width Test Range 1 ∼ 5m 1 ∼ 5m
4 Height Test Range 1 ∼ 8m 1 ∼ 8m
5 Dimension(L x W x H) Accuracy ≤± 1% ≤± 0.8%
6 Resolution 1mm 1mm
7 Power 24VDC 24VDC
8 Max. Scan Range 17.0m x 9m x 5.0m 17.0m x 9m x 5.0m
9 Laser Radar Scanning Unit 3 pcs auto movement 6 pcs auto movement
10 Power Supply 220V / 50Hz 220V / 50Hz
11 Power Comsumption 200 Watt 300 Watt